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The IRA Club: A Leader in Self Directed IRAs

The IRA Club is a leading source for:

+ Self Directed Custodial IRA

Perfect for Private Placements and other Passive Investments

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+ Tax Lien, IRA

100% Tax Deferred Income Allows Your Money to Grow FASTER

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+ Real Estate, IRA

Never miss a deal Fast, Low Cost and Convenient

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+ Solo, 401(k)

100% Tax deferred high annual contributions that can reduce your current Income Tax and..

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Self Directed IRA


Most Self Directed IRA companies offer one kind or the other; hence they may suggest only the type they sell regardless of what is best for you. The IRA Club offers both types.

One type of self directed IRA is not better than the other, they simply meet different needs.

We believe that IRA Club clients are among the most successful Self Directed IRA investors because they have the best understanding of the best practices of this very powerful investment vehicle.

Client service is a cornerstone of The IRA Club. Each call is answered by a live person and each account is assigned to its own IRA Club staff member who will streamline your every step in the Self Directed IRA process.