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Using an IRA to invest in Real Estate is the #1 reason why people opened a Self Directed IRA.

The IRA Club is an experienced provider of Real Estate IRA accounts. For information on how a Real Estate IRA can work for you; Call The IRA Club toll free 888-795-7950.

How to decide if you should consider a Real Estate IRA

The money in your IRA is probably a critical part of your retirement planning. Due to the flexibility of a Self Directed IRA you may select the investments you believe are in your best interest. For example; if you believe investing in Real Estate offers the greater combination of return, appreciation and suitability than a Real Estate IRA may be a wise choice.

 A Real Estate IRA Provides Tax Deferred or even Tax Free Growth 

By buying Real Estate with your IRA dollars all rent income and all sale proceeds will be 100% tax deferred or tax free. Real Estate IRA A Self Directed Real Estate IRA and Checkbook IRA can invest in any form of Real Estate including:

  • Income Producing Property
  • Undeveloped Land
  • Agricultural Land
  • Off Shore Real Estate
  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Industrial property

To help maximize your Self Directed Real Estate IRA returns consider starting a Checkbook IRA. Checkbook IRAs provide:

  • Greater Speed
  • Greater Ease of Use
  • Lower annual Maintenance cost
  • No Transaction Fees

Why consider a Checkbook IRA: A Checkbook IRA for your IRA Real Estate investments will give you:

  • Instant Access to your IRA Funds: Take advantage of any real estate opportunity fast.
  • Buy Real Estate at auctions. You can now snap up the best deals.
  • No delays while a custodian reviews each document to decide if they will release funds.
  • Ultra low administrative costs which can save you thousands over the life of the account.
  • No cost per check
  • Hold as many assets as you like in your IRA LLC, this will really let your account grow.

Why the IRA Club for your Real Estate IRA:

  • Professional Service
  • Low Cost
  • Work with a single source

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7 reasons, why you should consider establishing a Self-Directed IRA:

 1. Most IRA custodians and employer sponsored retirement plan restrict your choice of investments. With a self-directed IRA, you can invest in exactly the opportunities you believe will help you reach your IRA goals. 2. Diversification is an important eliminate of any portfolio.  Establishing a self-directed IRAs allows you to select from the widest possible array of opportunities. 3. Self Directed IRA may use leverage (borrowed money) to help buy Real Estate (this may cause a taxable event). 4. When an IRA borrows money to buy Real Estate that loan is non-recourse  to you.  i.e. only that asset and not you are responsible  for the loan. 5. Your Self Directed IRA can buy and sell real estate with not tax able event, and not 1031 Exchange costs 6. Funding a Self Directed IRA from your current IRA or 401(k) is not a taxable event. 7.  If you personally would like to live in the property owned by your Self Directed IRA your IRA can “Distribute” the property to you.

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