Self Directed Solo 401(k)s

The Best Employee Benefit You Can Give To Yourself

How would you answer these questions?

1I am self employed and I have no W-2 employees 
2I want to be allowed to make large annual contributions to my retirement plan; as high as $56,500.
In addition, I want the contributions to be tax deferred.
3I may want to include my spouse so that together we may (at our option) to contribute up to $113,000 - All income tax deferred. 
4I want to have almost unlimited flexibility to select the investments I want my 401(k) Plan to own including Real Estate, Tax Liens, Lending and more. 
5I want to be able to transfer all (or part) of my old IRA and 401(k) into my new Solo 401(k) Plan 
6I want the plan to be very low cost. 


If you answered YES to these questions a Solo 401(k) may be exactly what you are looking for. For a FREE information package along with a FREE video on Solo 401(k)s or to set up a phone meeting to answer your specific questions please complete the information below.


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