What Our Clients Say


"What Our Clients Say"

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Rated: 5 Stars By 17 Users

Larry A. Massachusetts:

I chose the IRA club after careful review of the many self directed IRAs. I know I made the right decision. Low fees, expert advice and a staff the responds accurately and quickly to your questions.

Dan C. TN:

Thanks for prompt reply. I just want to say that it’s really valuable to be able to consult with you. I’m REALLY glad I choose the IRA Club! (Dennis, You can quote me)

Anderson W. Georgia:

Because I opened a Checkbook IRA with you, last week I was able to make a great real estate purchases that would have otherwise gotten away. Having a Checkbook IRA made all the difference.

Prem L CA

I truly appreciate the wonderful ways you help your clients.

Kristina H. Florida:

“In an uncertain economy, The IRA Club has made me feel a lot more certain about my decision to take control of my IRA. Having only a year ago ventured into the self-directed IRA market, I had a lot of beginner’s questions – and they helped me understand the entire process from start to finish. In just a year, I have purchased, remodeled and rented out two foreclosures here in Florida, and each step of the way, the IRA Club was there to guide me.”

Kent K. Oregon:

The IRA club is a very good, honest organization. They were very helpful in setting up a “Checkbook IRA LLC” for me. With that vehicle, my wife and I have been able to earn more on our retirement funds using real estate and tax certificate strategies. Dennis is very helpful and friendly. His responses to my questions have been straight forward and easy to understand. Sometimes, he has even called during non-business hours to answer my questions. We are very satisfied with the IRA Club and hope everyone can have such a positive experience.

Scott L. Illinois:

I’m a 2010 IRA Club client. IRA Club has handled five or six transactions on my account, each performed perfectly.
Dennis Blitz gives expert advice, and is conservative in his approach. I have no hesitation recommending IRA Club to anyone seeking to establish a Self-Directed IRA, and in fact I have.

Rick O. California:

I really appreciate the assistance and valuable guidance The IRA Club provided to me every step of the way. It has been the key to my being able to best manage my IRA effectively and at a low cost.

Reynaldo C. Nevada:

Mr. Dennis Blitz/Ms Claire Puffer,
I am delighted with the services The IRA Club have provided, it exceeded all my expectation in all areas I have dealt with you, very helpful and persistent, quick in responding to concerns. It is these services and level of commitment that I will eagerly and enthusiastically share with others.
Thank you so much.

Mike G. Florida:

“I have been actively using my IRA for years investing in real estate and promissory notes.  The former Administrator of the IRA was charging fees that reduced my anticipate returns.  Now that I have switched to Checkbook IRA, I get the additional benefit of the investment and to keep more of my retirement funds”

Ira D. Indiana:

I am quite satisfied with the service and assistance provided by the IRA club with my IRA account.
All have been easy to work with and very attentive.

Don H. New Jersey:

“Thanks for the great service”

David K. Missouri:

I’ve been with you guy for approx 6 months and Claire is on top of her/your game. She always gets back to me within hours.Its hard to find such great follow up person.

Charles G. Maryland:

Your GREAT service made the entire set-up completely painless. Your staff was very helpful and quickly responded to every question we had. We can now control our IRA investments simply by writing a check. Thanks!

Bill K. Nevada:

I want to say that I am so very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism both Claire and Dennis have shown me during my recent purchase in my Self directed IRA, with The IRA Club. The transaction was one in which we had little time to complete all the of the set up and procedural steps required by the regulations for purchase of real estate in my traditional IRA, and every step was handled flawlessly , and actually ahead of the anticipated schedule. The ability of you and Dennis made this usually frustrating transaction, proceed without a hitch. In today’s world of Investments, it is rare to come across a firm that handles the set up and execution as proficiently and flawlessly as The Ira Club. My Sincere Thanks for a Job well done

I was really pleased with the way Claire and Dennis handled the entire process, and from now on, The Ira Club, is my go to source facilitator of my IRA investments.

Barry G. Florida:

The IRA Club has been an excellent resource for all my self‐directed IRA’s. They have been instrumental in helping me plan for optimal usage across tax, retirement, and financial scenarios, and their execution is always timely and efficient. Highly recommend the IRA Club’s service to liberate your 401k and IRA funds!

Andres N. California:

My experience with you folks (The IRA Club) has been very positive. The level of service has been very good.
You’ve been very helpful in all aspects of the business. Your response to my concerns has been very quick. I appreciate the very high level of service that you provide.


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