A SEP IRA (Simplified Employee Pension) plan provides business owners with a simplified method to contribute large amounts toward retirement. SEP IRAs are simple, low cost and flexible. Also, you are not locked into making annual contributions.

Tax Benefits

  • Contributions are tax-deferred, meaning that they are not subject to federal income tax until the time of distribution.
  • Proceeds from the SEP Self Directed IRA investment go directly to the IRA with no Federal Income Tax or Federal Tax filing.
  • SEPs require no annual tax filing. There are no 1099’s or K-1s to worry about.


  • Individuals can contribute up to 25% of net income.
  • Contributions may be large, for 2018, up to $55,000 per year plus up to an additional $55,000 for your spouse = $110,000
  • For example. “This year my business earned $700,000. My spouse and I are the only employees. How much can we contribute to our SEP IRAs?” You can max out the contributions. It will be about $55,000 for you and $55,000 for your spouse. Total about $110,000 and it is all deductible from this year’s earnings.
  • Contributions are considered a business expense.


  • Distributions are penalty free after age 59 ½ and must begin by age 70 ½ (Required Minimum Distribution)
  • Distributions are subject to federal income tax

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for a Self Directed SEP IRA you must first own a business. If you do not yet own a business, check out this blog to get started today!

SEP Self Direct IRAs are are eligible for sole proprietors and small businesses with up to 25 employees

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