Retirement Calculator Resource Center

Are you starting to plan for retirement or nearing the age of required minimum distributions? Check out the IRA Club retirement calculators to plan and help maximize your goals.

  • Predict your Retirement Nest Egg 
  • Compare saving in a 401(k) versus an IRA
  • Determine the impact of investment fees
  • Estimate your economic recovery if you have a down year in the market

Take the time to utilize these resources to plan and save towards a financially secure retirement.

401(K) Calculator

A 401(k) can be one of your best tools for creating a secure retirement. Use this calculator to see why this is a retirement savings plan you cannot afford to pass up.

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) – Future Projection

Use this calculator to create a projection of your future Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) as an owner of a qualified retirement account.

Roth IRA Calculator

Use this calculator to compare the Roth IRA to an ordinary taxable investment.

Roth IRA Conversion Calculator

This calculator will show the advantage, if any, of converting your IRA to a Roth.

Traditional IRA Calculator

How can contributing to a regular IRA help you in your retirement?

Compare Investment Fees

Even a small difference in the fees you pay on your investments can add up over time. Use this calculator to see how different fees impact your investment strategy!

Investment Savings and Distributions

Use this calculator to see how long your investment
savings can last once you begin taking distributions.

Retirement Economic Recovery Calculator

This calculator can help you determine exactly what it might take to return your to your original investment balance.

Taxable vs. Traditional vs. Roth IRA Investments

This calculator is designed to help compare a normal
taxable investment, a tax deferred investment
and tax-free investment.

Savings Goal Calculator

What will it take to reach your savings goal? This financial calculator helps you find out.