Funding Timelines

There are multiple ways to fund a Self Directed IRA. You can move funds from most existing retirement accounts into your Self Directed IRA and contribute to your Self Directed IRA from your checking account or credit card. Please complete our IRA to IRA Transfer Request to proceed with an IRA transfer. For a rollover, please follow our 401k Rollover Guide. Any in-kind transfers will depend on the custodian and type of account. Lastly, please follow our Funds Delivery Instructions and complete our Deposit Form for a contribution.

Please keep in mind; many  factors  can disrupt  and slow  down the timing of these procedures. Some of which may include:  

  • Funding methods (check/wire) 
  • Current holdings (cash/assets) 
  • Policies of your current administrator  or  custodian    
  • Types of assets currently  held  within the account   

Type of Transfer

 Allowable Accounts

Example Average Processing Time  Please Note
Cash Transfer IRA to IRA Fidelity IRA to IRA Club 2 weeks Account must be in cash/liquidated
Cash Rollover


Qualified previous employer plan to IRA

Voya 401k to IRA Club 2-3 weeks Account must be in cash/liquidated
In-Kind Transfer

Existing assets

(Real-estate/precious metals, etc.) to IRA

IRA Services to IRA Club 3 weeks You will need to have the asset re-titled under your new custodian.
Cash Contribution Personal funds to IRA Checking account 1 week Review your annual contribution limit.