Self Directed IRA Investment Ideas

Alternative Investments

Numerous types of alternative assets can be held in a Self Directed IRA, allowing for complete control. IRA Club accepts all investments permitted by the Internal Revenue Service. There are only a few restrictions: life insurance, S Corps, and collectibles such as art, antiques, rugs, stamps, cars, etc. Your Self-Directed IRA can hold hundreds of unique assets. Please note that the IRA Club does not hold investments such as stock, bonds, and mutual funds.

Why Invest?

  • You pick the investment.
  • Opportunity for enhanced returns.
  • All the proceeds from the investment go directly to your Self Directed IRA with no federal income tax or federal tax filing.
  • Apply the proceeds towards your next investment to keep your Self Directed IRA growing tax-free.

Things to Know Before Investing

  • The purchase should not constitute a “prohibited transaction.”
  • All expenses associated with the investment must be paid using funds in your IRA account. All revenue must go back to the IRA account. 
  • The investment is made by the IRA – not you.
  • The IRS Publication 590 and 560 is a great resource. Please visit the IRS website at

Common Self Directed Investments

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