Partnerships and Syndications

Your IRA can invest in large projects with professional management. Look for syndications that will provide monthly or quarterly cash flow. The IRA Club has a long history working with syndication investments; our experience can save you time and money.


Things to Know Before Investing

  • If you are the principle in an offering or a family member of a principle, your IRA may not invest.
  • All expenses associated with the investment must come from cash in your account. All revenue must go through the IRA.
  • The investment is made by the IRA – not you.
  • Don’t feel intimidated. Your IRA money is “your money” and you have every right to ask questions until you are satisfied.
  • If your questions are not given the respect or time you believe they deserve then walk away. There will always be other opportunities. Remember that you are in the driver’s seat. You control your Self Directed IRA and it’s your IRA money that the investment sponsor is asking for.
  • Ask for a use of funds statement. “How are you going to use my SDIRA funds?”
  • Ask the syndicator about their experience, team and process.


An IRA Club Self Directed IRA may make almost any investment for your future. The IRA Club provides our members with a no-cost review to help you avoid making one of the few prohibited transactions.

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