Real Estate IRA

With an IRA Club Self Directed IRA, you are free to invest in almost any form of real estate! Thousands of IRA accounts own houses and enjoy rental income and appreciation. Others use their IRA to buy, rehab, and sell houses. If the property is owned by a Self Directed IRA, no capital gains to file.

Many IRA Club members invest in cash flow single family homes. However, you can use your Self Directed IRA to invest in land, condos, duplexes and even commercial real estate. real estate provides steady income and potential appreciation in value.

Important tip! If your IRA owns 100% of the real estate investment, you (the IRA owner) cannot use personal funds to pay for expenses. We recommend that your Self Directed IRA account maintains 5% of the purchase price for unexpected expenses. For example, if your IRA is going to purchase a house for $90,000, it would be wise to have $4,000 available cash in the account in case that house needs a new furnace.  As we all know, most repairs are unexpected. Be prepared.

Self Directed Real Estate Investments

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