Invest in Rental Property

Receive monthly cash flow for your IRA when you invest in rental property like single family residential homes.

This investment can bring cash flowing into your IRA month after month from rental income.  This type of investment is not showing any signs of slowing down.


Things to Know Before You Invest in Rental Property

  • You cannot use the property for personal reasons.
  • All expenses associated with the investment must be paid using the funds in your IRA account. All revenue must go back to the IRA account. All property expenses, including taxes, insurance, and repairs must be paid from funds in your Self Directed IRA.
  • You cannot perform physical work on the property. You must use a handyman, contractor or better yet, use a property management company.
  • The investment is made by the IRA – not you. Remember to title the investment correctly.
  • Consider the allocation of your commitment, cost, and time.
  • The purchase should not constitute a prohibited transaction.


An IRA Club Self Directed IRA may make almost any investment for your future. The IRA Club provides our members with a no-cost review to help you avoid making one of the few prohibited transactions. Contact the IRA Club today or check out our unique investing process.

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