Are you an Investment Platform or Syndicator?

How would you like to offer your investors the opportunity to invest in private placements or syndications? 

Investors and syndicators who understand self-directed IRAs can raise additional capital from this untapped resource and help your own investors grow their retirement accounts exponentially faster. 

Stand out from your competitors by offering your investors the ability to invest in private placements or syndications with a self-directed IRA. IRA Club has already integrated the platforms for your clients to get access to an untapped source of capital. 

Whether your next project is a real estate development, rehab property, or a multifamily/commercial syndication, do not overlook the $29 trillion retirement fund market. Many investors do not realize they have the funds to invest because they are not aware that they can use their IRA or old 401(k) this way. However, once you explain the process and how it works, it may be a win-win situation for all parties involved.  

Please keep in mind, our job is not to sell your investment, but to educate and give a straightforward, quick, and simple process to help your clients place their IRA funds into your investment. IRA Club has worked with investors and syndicators for over 13 years, and you can count on us to deliver unparalleled service to you and your clients. 

Syndicator – Investor Handout


What’s in it for you?

  • A personal IRA Club specialist   
  • IRA Club is not a call center -zero wait time
  • Unlock billions in capital 
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • 13 plus years of industry experience and knowledge 
  • Customized application forms 
  • Secured Sponsor Portal 
  • Educational tools to assist you and your clients
  • Availability to host a Live Event and Webinar with the IRA Club  
  • Branded landing page and marketing material 
  • Opportunities to be featured Investor’s Row 
  • Tap into your existing client database and show them a tax advantage way to make their next investment with you

What’s in it for your clients? 

  • Personal account manager to handle all of their account needs
  • A seamless online experience 
  • Access to top experts in their respected fields  
  • Easy, quick, and unmatched service 
  • Accounts are FDIC insured  
  • Access to IRA Club live events and webinars   
  • IRA Club is a full administrator 
  • Special low flat pricing-no hidden fees, zero percentages, or hidden fees  
  • Extensive Resource Center  
  • Updated educational blogs and videos  
  • Case studies and eBooks available

IRA Club may terminate the membership to the program if your Account is inactive in any continuous twelve-month period as defined in the program requirements. IRA Club may terminate the membership immediately if; a) the applicant fails to pass the ongoing checks performed by IRA Club) the applicant becomes insolvent, becomes the subject of a bankruptcy or receivership proceeding, makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, has a substantial portion of its assets seized or attached, or is no longer authorized to conduct business; c) the applicant is (or will be) merged into or is (or will be) acquired by another entity that IRA Club determines, in good faith, is not financially sound or lacks the experience, ability or capacity to perform the obligations required by this program. IRA Club reserves the right to make changes to its B2B program at any time. IRA Club also reserves the right to make changes to the products and services offered at any time. (ie. Type of accounts offered, fees, marketing, etc.). Upon any termination of this agreement, the applicant will immediately return to IRA Club, or at IRA Club’s request destroy, all copies of IRA Club confidential information in its possession or control or will certify to IRA Club in writing that it has destroyed all such confidential information.