Transfer a TSP

Thrift Saving Plans (TSP) can be used to fund a Self Directed IRA.

Transfer a TSP to a Self-Directed IRAFunding a Self Directed IRA with TSP Transfers

What you need to know about transferring funds from a Thrift Savings Plan

  • A Thrift Savings Plan is a tax-qualified retirement plan for United States civil service employees, retirees, and uniformed services members. Call your plan administrator to determine if a transfer of funds is permitted. The trustee-to-trustee transfer is not a taxable event. Unlike an IRA transfer, the TSP trustee will accept instructions only from the account owner, YOU. In some cases, you will need to have the transfer paperwork notarized. Once the transfer is initiated, please allow two to three weeks for the funds to arrive in your new Self Directed IRA.

The Benefits of a TSP Transfer

  • A trustee to trustee transfer is NOT a taxable event
  • You can transfer funds to a Roth or Traditional Self Directed IRA

The IRA Club Difference

  • IRA Club will provide clear TSP transfer instructions
  • A sample of a TSP-70 can be provided to help you complete your paperwork
  • You will be informed once we have received the funds